Thursday, September 18, 2008

Walt Disney - 1933

I recently acquired this great portrait of Walt by famed 1930s Hollywood photographer Clarence Sinclair Bull, dated September 10, 1933. Through corresponding with Walt's daughter Diane I discovered a whole series of photos were taken of Walt by Bull including the iconic Walt with Mickey's shadow photo.
I know of another photo in Christopher Finch's ART OF WALT DISNEY showing Walt and Lilly at home with their pet chow. Does anybody know what other photos were taken by Bull and perhaps what they were used for? I imagine a magazine article.


Paula Sigman Lowery said...


A signed copy of this same photo, dated 7/25/1933, sold on eBay earlier this year. The photographer undoubtedly came to Walt's house and shot a whole series of these photos. As you say, it might have been for a magazine shoot. They are quite wonderful.



Mark Sonntag said...

Thanks Paula,

I think I have a photo of Walt and Lilly on file, which also recently sold on e-bay, I'll have to check and post it. I do have a vague recollection of seeing an article on a blog with some of these.
I agree, they are great, nobody takes photos like these any more.


Mark Sonntag said...

PS It's interesting the signed photo was dated July 25, 1933 and mine is stamped Spetember 10. Must be the date the original recipient recieved the print.

David said...

Hello Mark.

Here is the image that sold on eBay. The seller told me this was the last of the Kamen / Ivener items he had.

The eBay image had some great history attached to it.



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