Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I just had to write about this historic day, and am inspired by Didier's blog of two days ago. Obama's win is America at it's finest, democracy in it's truest sense where anyone can rise to the top. With all the things happening in the world today we all need to see that hope.

For me this is a defining moment in American history if not world history, as important as the war of independence and the end of slavery during the American Civil War. It puts a lump in my throat to be able to witness the tears of joy among African-Americans live on TV, this is their day, and we on the other side of the world are the privileged spectators.


Michael Sporn said...

You're right that it's a glorious day for African-Americans, but it feels just as personal a victory for me - an older white guy. We have a brilliant person in the White House who with just his election will improve the US standings in the world.

I have to admit I've walked around in a semi-stunned state since the announcement came down, and I'm smiling inside.

Mark Sonntag said...

I feel the same way, instead of doing my storyboard work I was glued to the TV almost pulling my hair out. I was walking on air when the victory was announced because now it feels like hope has returned to the world and common sense has prevailed.

In a newspaper article over here, one writer pointed out the significance of Pensylvania voting democratic in that, Gettysburg Pensylvania is where Lincoln made his famous address which elevated the Civil War to a higher cause and that November 4, 2008 will be the day the Civil War really ended.

I share your smile, congratulations.

Duvivier said...

I totally agree with you. In fact, Obama's victory was Disneyesque. Like he himself mentioned, in America, what was almost impossible, happened. Because "We Can!" is the essence of America.

A113-Dean said...

Yes it's a great thing that an African American won, but why did it have to be him? That monkey has destroyed our country. NObama 2012!