Sunday, April 26, 2009

Walt & Staff 1930s

Here is a great staff photo taken sometime I think in the mid 30s to promote MICKEY MOUSE ICE CREAM. If anyone can put a date to the photo and identify some of the unknown faces I would love to hear from you.

Those that I can identify (hopefully correctly) Back row left to right: Frank Churchill, Leigh Harline, Wilfred Jackson, Norm Ferguson.

Front second from left looks like Fred Moore and just behind him Les Clark. Second from right still in front looks like Pinto Colvig.

My feeling this is 1935 sometime as Donald can be seen on the banner.


Gunnar Andreassen said...

My suggestion:
Can't have been taken later than 1934 as Gillett left Disney that year.
Sitting/on knee:
From left:
Gilles (Frenchy) de Trémaudan
Art Babbitt
Les Clark
Fred Moore
Ham Luske
Walt Disney
Bill Cottrell
Pinto Colvig
Johnny Cannon

From left:
Frank Churchill
Leigh Harline
Wilfred Jackson
Norm Ferguson
xx (Know him, but...)
Ted Sears
Charles Phillippi
Clyde Geronimi
Dick Lundy
Albert Hurter
Burt Gillett
Webb Smith
Bert Lewis

Gunnar Andreassen said...

I forgot to comment: Really a great photo ! Never seen this before. Can this be the last photo of WD and (some of) his staff from the 1930s ?
3 of my 4 xx:
No. 1: Could he be Hugh Hennesy ?
No. 2: Harry Reeves ?
No. 4: Ted Osborne ??

Have you even the photo of the staff with boxes of corn flakes ?

Mark Sonntag said...

Hi Gunnar,

Thanks you for the information I'll add it to the blog soon. It is a very busy week. I didn't know that there was another photo, but will now be on the look out. I'm always amazed at how many photos I stumble across which I've never seen.

But then with the incredible success of Mickey in the 30s it is hardly surprising.

Joe said...

Great photo, Mark!

That is Hugh Hennesy between Ferguson and Sears (I'd never seen him in a hat before) and definitely Harry Reeves to the left of Charlie Philippi. Sorry, I can't confirm Osborne.

Joe said...

And it might be Charlie Byrne between Geronimi and Lundy.