Monday, September 13, 2010

MICKEY'S SERVICE STATION - 1935 publicity flyer

1935's MICKEY'S SERVICE STATION has got to be one of my favorite Mickey shorts along with THE BAND CONCERT, THE MAD DOCTOR and PLUTO'S JUDGEMENT DAY. It is also the last Mickey to be produced in black and white.

I recently purchased a few of the publicity flyers which were sent out to theater owners. This one is for MICKEY'S SERVICE STATION,  as you can see there were stories for the local newspapers and the opportunity to order posters and 8x10s to promote the film. I think one could write about how Disney developed it's marketing machine. Here's an early glimpse.

I've scanned as best as my A4 scanner can without damaging the aging paper, some minor pieces may be cut off. I'll post the other two in the coming weeks.

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