Saturday, March 10, 2012

South of the Boarder Sunday - July 4 & July 18, 1943

Last year I posted some more Jose Carioca strips, I didn't know much about them, who drew them and what have you. David Gerstein left the following comment, which in case you didn't get to read it sheds some light on these strips:

The examples you published were drawn by Bob Grant and Karl Karpé (the earlier page) and Paul Murry and Dick Moores (the later one).

The José Sunday strip succeeded the Silly Symphonies Sunday; it was later replaced by a Panchito strip, which was itself then replaced with Uncle Remus (so you can see how this worked in succession).

Only a couple isolated Sundays from the José series have been reprinted in modern US comics, but they're incredibly popular in Brazil, where local Disney cartoonists followed up on the Sundays' continuity and cast of characters when starting their own José series (which continues today).

The strips David refers to here were posted on July 29 and August 7, 2011. I find it fascinating that the strip continues in Brazil, I wonder if they would ever be collected in book form and translated.

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