Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mickey Mouse Sunday - March 8 & 22, 1936

I haven't posted any Mickey Sundays in a very long time. I have quite a few now, probably covering most of the 30s now. I never tire of looking at them. When I'm working on a storyboard and feel uninspired I look at them, the clarity of the drawing is exceptional. I don't mean that I use them to inspire my staging, I just get a kick out of looking at someone elses work and their skill at executing it in such a simple way.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Walt and Ward

One of the Disney/animation history book highlights of the this year will no doubt be Amid Amidi's Ward Kimball biography Full Steam Ahead!: The Life and Art of Ward Kimball I'm looking forward to it. Here's a photo I have in my files, the reverse reads:

Walt Disney and a member of his staff, Ward Kimball(left) confer with Willy Ley, science-factual author and space historian, in the "World of Tomorrow"unit of Disney's forthcoming television productions for ABC-TV. Ley has been technical advisor on the science-factual productions being readied for TV release this fall.