Monday, April 25, 2011

Filming MARTHA - 1922

I've been browsing the Baron Missakian collection in the University of Missouri Digital Library. This photo really interests me, here is the description:

Anywhere in record ; Box # 5; Number of Copies = 1; 192[3?]; "A group of people filming the song-o-reel ""Martha"""; 7x5; Laugh-O-Gram Films/Disney Studio; 011; "Kansas City, Missouri"; ; ; UMKC Special Collections; missakianic

Location "Kansas City, Missouri"

Box Number Box # 5

Publisher UMKC Special Collections

Date 192[3?]

Photo ID 011

Copy Number of Copies = 1

Event Laugh-O-Gram Films/Disney Studio

Description "A group of people filming the song-o-reel ""Martha"""

Dimension 7x5

First, I'd say the photo was taken in 1922. Now - who are the people? I have no idea, but zooming in on the carriage  the man in the carriage looks very much like Walt.
Barron Missakian was the photographer husband of Nadine Miassakian (seen below with Ub and Roy) who occasionally did some bookkeeping for Walt at Laugh-O-Grams.


David said...

No offense, but I think the man in the carriage is much too old to be Walt Disney. Walt would have only been around 21 when this image was taken. The man in the front of the carriage looks much older, and his physical size appears to me to be bigger than what Walt would have been.

Mark Sonntag said...

David, None taken. You're most likely right I saw the suit as oversized in my haste.

Anonymous said...

You can see more B.Missakian's photos about filming Song-O-Reel "Martha" in "Baron Missakian Collection". This collection is on "UMKC Digital Special Collections" web page (Hosted by University of Missouri Library Systems).